Love will save the day!


It seems that Love is the theme of the day. Yeah, I know, where the heck did I get that idea? Every headline seems to say the opposite; war, fighting, death, bullying, political tension, religious conflict, misunderstanding, racial divides, the list is endless….But in spite of all the tragedy and heart ache that surrounds us everyday, I see it as a challenge to do what we were charged to do even before we all were destined to be here….We are here to Love!….It knows no limits, no boundaries, no color or race or creed, no religious barriers, no political differences, no sexual preferences -nothing!

And it takes on many forms; a handshake, a hug, a kind word, a pat on the back, a smile, even a friendly wave to someone that you don’t know. A gentle and caring gesture to one in need, a tear of joy or sadness. Love is everywhere and it really doesn’t take much to open our hearts and minds to see it.

We are here because of a long legacy of spirit – those spirits that preceded us; our family and friends and the souls that directly and indirectly touched each and every one of our lives and passed their legacy to us. It is the salve that smooths out the rough edges of an otherwise very challenging journey and it is the link to our hearts that binds us together and hopefully make this world a little more tolerable, a little more peaceful and left in a way that is better than the way we inherited it.

Love is our legacy,

Love is truly all we need and Love will save the day. 




~ by Bo Hussung on April 26, 2013.

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  1. Love….

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